Stand Up Events Melbourne Inc (Stand Up Events) is a non-for-profit Incorporated Association founded in January 2015.

Stand Up Events supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities throughout Victoria in an effort to raise awareness for sexual and gender equality and challenge hetero-normative thinking and behaviour in our society and our sporting culture.

Beyond raising awareness, the principal goal of Stand Up Events is the prevention of physical abuse and suicide amongst our youth. Not only are we witnessing the LGBTIQ community suffering from the highest rates of suicide of any population in our country, but the mental health of our LGBTIQ people is among the poorest in Australia*.

In order to achieve this prevention, Stand Up Events will be implementing and operating in 2016 an education program throughout our urban and rural sporting communities. Education is imperative to us, as it is the first step to change. Through our educational program Stand Up Events aims to:

  • Work with, and build on the hard work already undertaken by current organisations and groups supporting the community;
  • Partner with sporting communities who provide an integral link with the communities we hope to reach and work with;
  • Develop a life-changing program with the best team and resources which effectively challenges homophobia in our society and sporting culture; and
  • Directly reach out and support those suffering in the LGBTIQ communities as well as those too afraid to identify as LGBTIQ.

In 2015 the first international study of homophobia in sport titled ‘Out on the Field’ revealed 87% of young gay athletes in Australia feel forced to hide their sexuality from teammates, placing the country among the least safe English-speaking countries for LGBTIQ players. This study, the largest of its kind, undertaken by more than 9500 people around the world demonstrated the marginalisation within the Australian sporting culture, and the need for all to come together to effect change.**