About Us

Stand Up Events (SUE) Melbourne Inc. is a Not-for-profit incorporated association dedicated to fighting sexual and gender discrimination in Australian sport.

SUE recently is conducted world first research with Monash University to understand why homophobia is still prevalent in male team dominated sports. Based on this research, we created customised preventative programs with current AFL Players to implement into grass roots sporting clubs.

The goal is for the programs to create safe and inclusive environments for everyone – regardless of their sexuality and/or gender. Sport, and life, is a place for everyone.

On top of our research and preventative programs, we do speaking events, work with sporting clubs, companies and schools.

If you would like to learn more, we would love to hear from you.

Our Goals

  • To prevent physical/mental/emotional abuse and suicide in our non-hetero and gender diverse communities, both in urban and rural areas of Victoria
  • To eradicate homophobic, discriminatory and derogatory language and behaviour in sporting clubs and environments
  • To create safe and inclusive sporting environments - so everyone is free to be their complete selves in sport - regardless of their sexuality and/or gender
  • To reduce anti LGBTIQ+ attitudes
  • Make people accountable for their language and behaviour
  • Challenge people to understand that there should be zero tolerance towards derogatory/exclusive language and behaviour
  • Raise participation levels for LGBTIQ+ people in sport as a result of welcoming sporting cultures
  • For every single person to feel embraced for being exactly who they are

Our Findings

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